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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Holidays in Venice

Terms and Conditions
The time of booking requires a deposit equal to 30% of the rent.

The deposit must be made by bank transfer and thereafter within 48 hours, sent by registered mail a copy of the payment.

Once we receive the deposit will be sent an email confirmation of receipt of payment.

The remaining amount must be paid in cash upon delivery of the keys.

The cancellation of a reservation must be made 30 days before date of arrival of the advance made after loss.

Upon arrival you will be asked in addition to the balance of a deposit of € 150.00 in cash which will be returned upon departure, provided that the apartment was not damaged.

Check-in: 15.00 / 20.00

Check - out: 10.00

it is not possible to arrive after 8 pm

The house rules are:

The customer agrees to occupy the accommodations respecting the rules of good neighborhood. Upon departure the property must not leave any household waste. The cleaning of dishes and cooking utensils must be carried out by the customer as not included in the final cleaning.

VERY IMPORTANT, to avoid the charge of the security shall:
- Return all the keys that have been delivered upon arrival.
- Respect the time of arrival and departure check-in: from 15.00 Check-out: by 10.00.
- Make good use of the apartment.
- Carefully follow the rest of the condominiums, so you should avoid noises from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 23.00 onwards, both within the apartment as the steps to returning in the evening.
- You may not accommodate more people than those stipulated in contrattodella reservation.
- It is not allowed to leave your bags outside the apartment, in or on other condominium areas.
- Deposit in the garbage bins in vicinanzedell'appartamento (regulations municipaliprevedonouna fined € 100 for violation of this rule).
If the customer does not follow the building rules, we reserve the right to immediately remove it from the apartment without any reimbursement.
Also be asked to pay for any damage caused.

The apartment is delivered clean and in order. The reorganization of the kitchen and garbage removal are the responsibility of the customer. The client therefore agrees to return the property on time, neat and clean normally, with the kitchen perfectly clean and tidy and rubbish removed. In the absence of this, the owner or his representative will be required to trattenerer all or part of the security or to charge a fee of € 30.00, in addition to the amount due.

The owner or contact person reserves the right to require the signing of a contract, or upon arrival at the apartment rent.

And 'no smoking
Pets are not allowed

For any misspelling or interpretation of the text refers to the Italian version

Turist Tax

From January 01 2018 each foreign tourist or Italian who resides in Venice is required to pay the 'tax holiday for up to five nights

Rates of tourist tax

High season € 3,00 per night per person


 - Holidays in Venice

Venice is the only city of its type in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site representing a cultural and natural asset of exceptional value, demanding its preservation and transmission to future generations.

A sustainable tourism - not altering the natural and artistic environment, and not obstructing the development of other social and economic activities in harmony with the daily life of residents - is necessary to preserve the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of Venice.

#EnjoyRespectVenezia is the City of Venice's awareness campaign launched during the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and designed to direct visitors towards the adoption of responsible and respectful behaviour towards the environment, landscape, artistic beauties and identity of Venice and its inhabitants. The objective is to raise awareness of tourist impact, with the belief that responsible travelling can contribute to sustainable development.